Simple Scratch Project of a Maze Game

Let’s create a simple maze game using Scratch.

1. Create a backdrop of Maze using Scratch using “New Backdrop”, where you can draw with paint tools.

Maze background

Maze Back drop

2.  Shrink Scratch cat sprite and put it on the left upper corner of the Maze. Sprite of maze game3.  Add following scripts for this cat sprite to move around the Maze.

Script blocks for Maze game

Now, you can add 3 more scripts each for right arrow key, down arrow key and left arrow key. It will be the same as shown here for the up arrow key, but you’ll have to figure out the direction angle for the cat to move on each key stroke.  Go ahead and try it, you’ll do it and get amazed how easy it is!!

3. Next script shows what to do when the player hits those Maze walls:

Maze Game Scratch Script

4. You’ll also need to create/draw another sprite, “Exit” and put it to the bottom-right corner of the Maze backdrop.

In this project, we are learning about,

A. Events : When some key pressed…. do something….

B. Control : if…. then… :   If condition is true, runs the block inside.

forever ::::   runs the blocks inside over and over

C. Sensingtouching color —?       ::::::  Reports true if sprite is touching specified color

touching ….     :::::::::: Reports true if sprite is touching specified sprite, edge, or mouse-pointer

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