What is Scratch? Why and How to use it.

Today’s technology driven life-style has changed the definition of literacy. Our children grow with electronic gadgets and digital stuffs. What it means to be literate in 21st century? It means that kids and all of us have to know how to “create” with digital technologies, how to “program” a computer game or animation or any other task. Now it is really hard to bother young children to learn computer programming languages like C or Java. But there comes a kids’ friendly programming language Scratch which has proven to be a great initial learning environment for children of all ages. 
As it is defined on the MIT Scratch website, Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games – and share those creations online. This is an interesting, easy to use and intelligent programming environment that young audience can interact joyfully. Most kids love to play with blocks and here they get amazing blocks of instructions to make their own games, stories, videos, animations and much more. Students can learn all important and complex programming concepts without much hurdle when they use graphical, instruction blocks to make a sprite (a movable object) move, jump, dance or sing. Their imagination and creativity will take a great shape while they enjoy expressing themselves in a whole new dimension.
It is easy to learn how to write computer programs with Scratch. There are good Scratch lessons provided here to start with .

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      Hi Ayesha, block is colorful commands that you can drag and drop to create a Scratch project. Please look at Beginning Scratch http://myreadinglog.net/blog/ to find out how to use Scratch window and it’s main parts. In second image, you can see blocks. Enjoy Scratching…


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