Easy Scratch Project Ideas for Kids

This list shows beginner’s level Scratch project ideas. They are used as Scratch lessons to teach a Scratch concept along with computer programming concept. The projects are listed in an order that will help a new Scratch learner to start understanding Scratch environment itself, start making simple projects to understand different programming concepts and then how to apply that knowledge to make new, more complex projects.

Explore following Scratch projects.

Start to know Scratch:

1. Make a Cat dance on Scratch Stage
2. Create “About Me” project on Scratch
3. How to change stage display and more sprites 
4. How to make a sprite jump
5. Dance Party on Scratch Stage
6. Drawing and Arts Projects in Scratch
7. Build a musical band on Scratch Stage

8.Move a fish as you move your mouse on Scratch stage!


Easy Scratch Games:

1.Maze Game
2. Easy Car Racing Game

Scratch Animations:
1. Animate Your Name!

We will keep updating this list. Well, I guess you may have better ideas too. Will you like to add to them over here? Send me a comment here about it and I will add it with your name!

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