Introducing Computer Programming to Kids

As a mother, I naturally feel proud and happy for my 7 year old son when he uses Internet to do his book review projects, practice Math skills using online games and tutorials as well as play games either on computer, smart phones, tablets or any other digital device. I feel the same for my 2 years old when he taps his little fingers on a smart phone or tablet. I know these feelings are true for every other parents. Our kids are growing with technology. It would be really great to see them “create” with these resources/technology/gadgets than just to “use” them either to play or watch or click.
Now that kids are in constant touch with computers both at schools and at home, it is a good idea to introduce them “Computer Programming”. May be the term “computer programming” is too hi-fi (or scary) but it is already proved as a powerful tool for children to learn learning. There are news about kids as young as 9 years old creating popular iPhone apps and so. There are thousands of projects posted on Scratch homepage showing creativity of young generation. The important point here is that children will learn various concepts of problem-solving and thinking when they try coding. If we need to acquire as many computer skills as possible today, how much more it is necessary for our kids?
It is possible that many of us know the importance of teaching kids some sort of computer programming, but don’t know when and how to start it? That problem is solved with many different kids’ related programming languages. One of them and my favorite is Scratch. It is an easy, enjoyable and “snap-the-blocks” like language with which kids can build whatever they like – game, videos, animations, dance and music. If you want to give this a try, Go Here.

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