Group Dance on Scratch Stage

In Make a sprite dance, we learned how to give a sprite some dance movements.
Now, here we will make a dance party with more than one sprite.

Step 1: Add a human sprite with more than one costumes.


Step 2: Add following blocks to change costumes every 0.3 seconds and to add some drum beats. Check this blocks works great for this one sprite.


Step 3: Now add another human sprite with more than one costume. Here in this example, we want to move Cassy on the same drum bits for the same time as Breakdance1. So we will copy same script blocks from the sprite 1. You can add those blocks for Cassy or drag those blocks onto the Cassy sprite in sprite list box. Now, hit the green flag and see both of them dancing on this plain Scratch Stage.

Now, add a backdrop to make this stage colorful. Also, add another sprite and give it a whole new dance moves.. Show us your project in comments below…

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