Step by Step instructions to make a cat dance on Scratch Project

In previous lesson, Start Scratch we learned about Scratch and show what is inside Scratch Programming Environment. Now it is time for hands-on project. This is a simple yet funny project. Go through it and then turn it, twist it or tore it down to make it your own original idea! Watch this video to see how easy and fun it is to create with Scratch.

If in any case, written instructions are required :
(This is a beginner level exercise. It can finish within 15 minutes.)

1. Open the Scratch on your computer. The stage is ready with the Cat as sprite1.  2. We will use motion blocks, sound blocks and control blocks to make this cute cat dance.  Drag “Move 10 steps” block to sprite1 script area. Click on “Sound” Tab. Drag “Play drum 45 for 0.2 beats” block below the first block.

Check what is done so far. Click on the stack of blocks and see what cat is doing. If your cat is taking one step with a drum bit then you are on your way! (If you want to create something big, start with small. Create first step, check it and then go for next step. It helps to avoid any mistake right away rather than stacking 20 blocks and then searching which one is not fitting.)

3.  Now grab and drag “Move 10 steps” block under previous blocks. Click on “10″ and type “-10″ there. Drag drum bit block from “Sound” tab and stack it down. Once again click on the stack or green flag and check the moves of your sprite.

4. Now that the cat is moving one step forward and then backward with drum sounds, we need to give it instruction to repeat it forever if we want to see her dancing, right? For that, click on Controls tab. Drag “Forever” block and surround it to the previous stack. Click on it and see your sprite dancing with music!

Okay, click on green flag on the stage and see your cat dancing. I know you’ll also dance along her as you know you can create with Scratch!

Well, if you like select a boy or a girl sprite from file  and make it dance on the same stage!
Or add your own sprites and bring them on the party stage, like this Lesson 3. Add sprites and change stage background!